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Nothing happens until someone sells something

Sales Development and Sales Organization.

Total dedication to the satisfaction of your customer’s needs is at the base of every success.
But it is not enough; doing the right things at the right moment to exceed your customers’ expectations requires organization. We can help you in six ways:


Train your salesforce

Motivate them with your level of motivation. Selling is always the most difficult task, and a trained salesman has many more possibilities to close the deal.

Organize your salesforce

So that every minute of your salesmen delivers the most results, and is used at its best.
An organized salesman succeeds.

Develop your Business

Structure your sales and business organization, develop it efficient and performing. Established industry or retail company. We can help you to develop.

Start up new sales

Starting up new businesses and markets. We have helped in start-up situations and with startup companies, validating business plans and the all important execution.


Source new products and technologies. With the backing of our experience in international markets, we will help you with innovation.


Sell abroad. If you do not have the developers you need, we’ll put one of ours at your service, a person able to find new international customers and who will open new markets for you.


“The most difficult thing to do is selling.” & “Nothing happens until someone sells something.”

GroetConsulting specializes in selling. And in the tools and training to sell. Developing business and in helping you doing it. With a particular attention to customers.
Everything starts with customers, with people wanting to buy from you


We are seasoned professionals

We know about business (30 years) and how to develop business (15 years). Based on our experience we can help you resolve your special problems. A few examples chosen among many:



Sector: retail

Starting-up from scratch and developing a business from zero to 10 million in 3 years ½


sector: industry

Managing profitability and cost cutting in mature businesses and gaining 2% points in gross margin per year (for 6 subsequent years), with happy customers.

internet & startup

sector: internet & startup

Advising and helping a startup to organize itself for growth and traction, and finding the capital needed

Consumer Products

Sector: Consumer Products

Turnaround. Restructuring a company from loss making to break-even, and back to profit in 2 years.

Are you first choice of customers?


Check your competitors
Competitive landscape
Which type of innovation?
IOT Internet of Things
Internet Sales Channel
Your customers’ experience?
Brand positioning
New product development
Your offer exceeds expectations?
Retail buyers vs. Industrial buyers
Channel development
Buyer loyalty?
Credible offer with Category management
Optimization in store and on shelf
First Choice in the Shopping Basket?
Love customers
How are you perceived?
What gets measured gets done!


… obviously there are many more factors, based on your particular business. Every business is special, and so is yours.
This is meant to be an example in creative thinking around a business model.

We know that every entrepreneur, manager, and startupper is different. And therefore we are focused on your issues and problems, and we will develop a clear vision of how to manage business forward, with you, and towards a better profitability, but, and also, with the responsibility for your role in the community.
We are focused on your special problems, and based on our experience, we can help you out.

We can help you to resolve your specific problems, such as:


Because we are very good at what we do.


Build success stories. In a responsible and sustainable way.

We like to transform ideas in real products and services, to launch new products, to help you to grow in size and to conquer new markets.
Focus on your customers. Be it consumers, retail chains, trade customers, or industrial customers. We concentrate on repeat sales and sales training.


Add value.
Sell and retain customers. Satisfy customers. That is the right way to increase the value of your investments and company.
Once we have happy and returning customers, we can then help you and your partners to focus on the bottom line. While continuing in doing all the rest of the great things you do, taking into account the needs and objectives of internal and external stakeholders.


Because we are very good at what we do.
“We get our hands dirty” and “We like implementing as much as conceiving strategy and developing organizations”. And in helping individuals and companies doing it.
Managing projects with you and helping with innovation and implementation. In a visible and measurable way. We are very “hands-on” and easy to live with. We know that from a small beginning can come great things. As long as people maintain “faith and perseverance”.
People also choose us because we are totally dedicated to your customers. We know that if you don’t serve a customer directly, you will serve someone who serves a customer. It is an attitude of the mind, and we will help you to make sure that the true customer orientation permeates your whole organization.
Starting with ourselves.


Services to develop sales and improve business

Training and courses
  • Sales force training and development. Motivation of sales force.
  • We offer our courses in 4 languages: English, French, Italian, and Dutch. More languages available on request.
  • Sales management, sales reporting and sales control.
  • Competitive positioning of product lines, against competition.
  • Learn to use competition to your advantage.
  • Shop shaping and store optimization.
  • Negotiation win-win.
  • Team building. Team interaction, towards common goal.
  • Develop people.
Consultancy area
  • Start-ups and starting-up business.
  • Product development and European launches.
  • Management of commercial affiliates.
  • Store planning and management.
  • Purchasing and sourcing.
  • CRM and Customer service management.
  • Project management, also intercompany projects.
  • Supply chain management
  • Credit management with your customers.

Management area
  • Turnarounds.
  • Restructuring.
  • Management succession.
  • Acquisitions, M&A.
  • Interim management.
Startup Advisor area
  • Idea validation.
  • Business plans.
  • Execution of business plan.
  • Valuation of company and Startup.
  • Rounds of financing.


Web – website development and planning, company image and web branding. Traction and retention.
Internet – IOT Internet of things, product development, Apps and Marketplaces.
Industry – specialty chemicals, industrial lubricants, automotive finishes, consumer paints, mechanical, glass, wood, MRO. The link between “old” and new economy.
Consumer – gardening, furniture, tools, power tools, consumer chemicals, plants, ceramics, hoses.
Design – designer collaborations, designer selection, branding through design, design furniture, lighting, showers, bathroom accessories, plastics.
Retail – purchasing, international sourcing, category management, range optimization, store layout, new shop opening, shelf planning and management.
Project management – international projects, intercompany projects, product management projects, category projects.
Consultancy – restructuring and turnarounds, sales force training, financing, CRM.
Start-up Advisory – developing a business plan, seed financing, finding initial investors, first/second/third round in financing, valuing your company, developing your organization. IPO.

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